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Employer Branding

Employer Branding (2)

Employer Brand is a term we commonly use to discribe an organisation's reputation as an employer.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018 05:30

Importance of Diversity in recruitment

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Benefits of Hiring Female Employees:

A research-oriented study by the International Finance Corporation discloses that including more and more women to the workforce in companies not only assist to protect their human rights but it is great for the business as well. The research has reported the listed advantages that are attained from hiring women in distinct industries across the globe:

•   An Access to The Commendable Talents Available:

The enormous number of prospective experts to sheath the vacancies has thoroughly increased from the lower skilled degree to the executive positions.

•   Ameliorations in Relation to Innovation and Productivity:

There is an increasing proof that the coexistence of women and men in similar surrounding accounts for a creative squad or team. Diversity is a major key to the operations conducted by the organizations.

•   Helps in Creating Strong Team Dynamics:

In a company, women frequently possess the efficient skills so as to unite the folks and garner the proposals and opinions. This is a competition that favours the generation of the teams, further optimization, and participation in the decision-making activity.

•   Reduction in The Staff Turnover and Generation of Long-Term Relationships:

In contrary to the men, the general majority of the women can be multi-focused and multi-tasking. Thus, the companies can take a decision to be supportive regarding training with respect to hiring staff for the open positions or vacancies.

•   Ensures Better Work Environment:

Women can highly relate to the appreciation and empathy for the others as they are generally focused on the individuals and requirements. Their exceedingly great willingness to strike a conversation and receive feedback helps in solving issues.

Though the working population in relation to women represent just forty percent of the total global workforce where most of them move ahead to begin their own business. The International Labour Organisation has estimated that about half of the productive potential of the women is unutilized that is forty-eight percent in comparison to twenty-two percent of the men.

Investing in the calculated initiative which supports the women at work is a situation that is constituted as a “win-win” situation since the employers, as well as employees, garner a real advantage. About one-third of the organizations that invested in the programs in the developing or emerging countries have ameliorated their advantages where thirty-eight percent expect earnings, in accordance with the survey performed by Mc Kinsey.

While some are said to be short-term advantages like a distinct level of stated absenteeism or reducing turnover, others are said to be long-term benefits which relate to earnings, corporate image, enticing higher innovation levels, and talent.

Hiring a good number of women assures that the workforce of the company is a thorough representative of their client base providing great knowledge on the preference of the consumer. Moreover, the population of the women worldwide impact up to eighty percent of the considerable decision related to purchase.

Private sector portrays almost nine out of ten jobs in the developing countries which play a basic role. Companies with higher women presence than men are a rarity despite the advancement made in relation to the equality of gender. In most of the industries like construction, mining, and energy, women share a minor position than men.

Few of the analysts approximately predict that the upcoming revolution in the economy might come across as a result of the particular role played by the women in the market and the business umbworld since the dynamics of the business are enhanced greatly with the female worker's incorporation.

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Employer brand is the term commonly used to describe an organization's reputation as an employer.

A company has a reputation to protect towards its customers, its product, services it delivers. But it also has a reputation as an employer of choice.

Attracting and retaining the best talent in an envoirnment of more job shoppoers then job seekers, employer branding plays a crucial role in determining the companies success. As per LinkedIn report, A strong talent brand reduces the cost per hire by 50% and lowers the turnover rates by 28%.

Infact 78% of Indian professionals mentioned they consider the employers reputation as a place to work, co-workers and recognition before cosidering an offer, which together can be accounted as an Employer Brand.

Where Indian HR leaders significantly belive that it affects the quality of hire, there is very little that is done to enhance their companies image as an employer.

Where compensation and competetion to hire the best talent is so stiff in job market, Employer brand plays a crucial role in towards attracting human capital.

Social media and employer brand focused sites like facebook and glassdoor have made the world so small that establishing and developing employer as a brand of choice showcasing why the best talent should apply to their companies needs to be defined.

Another importand aspect of building a good employer brand is Stumilating Employee Productivity. When employee experiences the reality of “brand promise” upon joining, they align themselves with the values of an organisation better, thus being a part of the big picture and greater purpose thus laying foundation stone towards an engaged workforce.

Ambience definitely adds on to the public image of a restaurant, Similarly advantages of distinct employer branding strategy is evident.  The consistent communication of corporate vision and culture helps a business find the right people, retain good performers and GROW, both internally and externally. It enhances the External reputation of an organisation when the employees become the brand ambassdor who communicate the value and mission of the organisation to their professional and personal network.

A job seeker accepting a job offer based on his acceptance of an employer based on his personal allignment with the employer brand, automatically retention becomes stonger as compared to someone who rather out of desperation, spurring acceptance of a job offer with just any company.

PROMETHEUS CONSULTING can help you declare an employer brand, We provides excellent advice for the starters, Crucial first steps include contemplating business needs, identifying target groups, establishing performance metrics and formulating effective messaging.

PROMETHEUS CONSULTING is a talent networking platform providing contingency recruitment solutions along with RPO and branding stratergy to Apparel Export and Retail Industry.

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